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About PGSL
Powersoft Global RFID division continues to provide leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and organizations in order to help them simplify their operations and businesses.  Keeping track of inventory at every point in global supply chain is not only critical to maintaining high efficiency today it is becoming a mandate for doing business. Knowing the source, contents, and destination of large containers is being mandated by customs authorities for improved visibility and accurate accountability two critical components for strengthening security.

Our engineering staff, comprising of highly experienced hardware and software engineers from the RFID industry, have developed RFID technology which now has capability of catering to the entire bandwidth of RFID making it a potent single window solution.  We have developed custom made products and gained expertise to handle various scenarios across industries.

  What Makes Powersoft Global Unique

Powersoft Global has engineered from the ground-up, a complete RFID solution for automatic tracking.
PGSL RFID Solutions
PGSL Software Services
 GIS requirements analysis and needs assessment
 Database design consultation, development and  implementation
 GIS application design, development and  implementation using open source GIS Software
 Digital cartographic production and publishing
PGSL Engineering and GIS Solutions
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